CLIQ Electronic Cylinders

CLIQ CYLINDER AND KEYCLIQ has been developed based on three important principles: security, security and security. A secure mechanical protection, world class secure electronic security, flexible security and keys that open only where and when you want.

The new dimension to master keying – access can be controlled both mechanically and electronically. CLIQ combines the unique mechanical key systems with high security electronics.

Access control made easy – No wires to the door, no need to walk the building to re-program the system and no need to remove the existing door hardware.

Range of locking types – CLIQ covers a full range of cylinders and padlocks.

Area of use

The CLIQ technology is used for an effective perimeter protection off-line and to doors where the system administrator wants a registered and controlled security. The technology enables to electronically grant access to individual and / or groups of keys. A locking system with the CLIQ function therefore provides the same high security as mechanical cylinders but with an advanced electronic flexibility and security.


The CLIQ function consists of programmable electronic devices that do not require wiring for power as it’s powered from the keys battery.

In a locking system with CLIQ function, different types of cylinders, padlocks and cylinder shapes can be combined. The cylinder has a chip with an integrated memory processor and drive circuitry. The key has a corresponding chip placed in the key bow. The programmed electronic code in the key cylinder interacts with the electronics and built-in motor. All information is protected with encryption. This means a secure digital communication between the keys, cylinders, and programming units.

System administration

CLIQ cylinders and CLIQ keys are programmed using special web-based software. The system can be administered by one or more concurrent users centrally or locally. With this program, you have the advantage of always working in the latest version of software and backup is automatic. CLIQ software provides a good overview of the locking system, authorisations, and keys. The administrator connects a programming key to a PC or laptop and logs on to the software to make changes in the system. Without the programming key, PIN code and password, CLIQ keys cannot be given new authorisations, ensuring security at the highest level.


A major advantage of CLIQ is the distance function. This locking system can change access and permission at a distance. For example, you can sit in Stockholm and, through the Web-manager give access your keys via the programming terminal. A contractor in the North of Sweden may get access to a facility, maybe an antenna or a mast, by programming his/her key in a wall readers at the facility.

CLIQ is addressing clients who want to change permissions quite often but need mechanical security and have a geographical spread of its operations. It also minimizes the security holes that can occur when keys are lost.

The system can time-control keys and provide a user with access only during office hours. Or just on weekend nights. The keys are validated according to the customer’s own rules, perhaps every day or every week. If a key does not get validated in the wall reader within the regulated time, it becomes unusable.

Secure, flexible and cost-effective solutions

Unauthorised copies of keys and an unknown number of keys distributed to people, both within and outside the organisation, are common problems today. In addition to daily administration of keys, system owners lack adequate security control. If theft occurs and a lost key shows up in the wrong hands, insurance companies initiate a comprehensive investigation. That’s why CLIQ is further improving key control and putting security first.

With CLIQ and ASSA dp or ABLOY Protec2, different levels of security can be combined in the same master key system, without needing multiple keys for users. The same level of security on all doors in a building is rarely necessary. Higher security is usually required on perimeter security doors and on doors to sensitive areas such as IT rooms, R&D and sensitive data storage rooms. Rooms with the same high level of security is unnecessary and therefore some rooms can be fitted out with cylinders of a lower security class. That means it is possible to customize a more advantageous and cost-effective locking system.
Each individual receives just one key to open the doors to which he or she should have access. A CLIQ system offers two different security levels, all within the same locking system:
• Electronics combined with high security
• Mechanical high security

Without a patented security solution, no master key system is secure. Therefore, CLIQ has a strong patent that protects you from illegally copied keys for as long as the patent is valid, which makes CLIQ the optimum security system throughout its lifetime.

Easy to install

Unlike other electronic solutions, a CLIQ system does not require any wires or external power supply. The battery in the key provides power to the cylinder. This means users bring the power with them and the lock itself will never have a power failure. Being able to avoid wiring saves money and dramatically decreases installation time, especially on doors that are far apart. One important technical point is that installation will not affect the doors fire rating or sound insulation.